For the Love of the DM

Hello loyal readers!  I just wanted to write a quick note to you all saying thanks for reading and asking questions, and making Ask the DM exist.  But that being said, a write-in advice style blog can’t exist without the writing-in part.  You may have noticed there was no new blog last Tuesday, and there may or may not be a new one tomorrow, as I have yet to receive any new questions.

If you really do enjoy this blog, and want to see it keep pushing along, then submit a question!  A few of you have been wonderful, and I appreciate it a lot, but having an advice blog where I only answer 2 people’s questions, makes me wonder if the blog if for all of you, or if it’s just for me.

I want this blog to be for you, and with that in mind, its content should reflect what you want to see.  I’ve had more than a few people saying, “hey, I love your blog, but I don’t know enough about roleplaying to ask any good questions!”  So don’t ask me roleplaying questions!  Or ask me really simple roleplaying questions!  This blog doesn’t only have to be for experienced Dungeon Masters!  And I rarely get questions from players. What’s up with that?

The point I’m making is ask me the questions you want to see answered, whether they have anything to do with roleplaying or not.  Anything in the Geek realm is fair game, and anything outside of it as well.  I have a lot of opinions.  On everything.  Seriously.  I honestly don’t care what your questions are.  I enjoy a little variety in my life as much as the next Dungeon Master.

So submit some questions!  More than one is better; it’s nice to have a small reserve.  And go tell a friend to submit.  Then tell your mother.  Pretend this is a chain letter and if you don’t pass along the love, you’ll end up unemployed.  In Greenland.

The Dungeon Master

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