Some Crap You Don’t Care About.

So. I had a totally awesome post about tattoos and Geeks and I was very happy with it until WordPress decided to smite me in the name of all that is Unholy, and the post mysteriously disappeared. It is gone, and I will not be re-writing it this week, as I am too depressed and angry about losing it. In the future, it seems I should keep back-up copies of posts, as the internet is apparently a horrible trickster demon determined to ruin my day. The internet is Loki and I will smash it with mighty Mjolnir.

But enough complaining. I really don’t have the patience to write a lengthy post right now, so I’ve chosen a short and sweet question for this week (and it’s about me again so I can make myself feel better by talking about myself):

Dear Dungeon Master,

What do you have your degree in?

Dearest reader, thank you for inquiring as to the nature of my schooling.  I recieved my Undergraduate degree in Anthropology.  This was mainly because I had been in school for 6 years because I changed majors 4 times (Biology, Visual Arts, Philosophy, and Anthropology) and just needed to graduate, and by a stroke of luck I had nearly all the required coursework for an Anthropology degree.  I became obsessed with serpent symbolism, and wrote my senior thesis on the serpent and cross-cultural mythology.

My Undergraduate experience made me realize how lost and undirected the majority of generation Y is, and now I find myself advising college students on how to actually graduate.  Not that it will do much good, as most of them will face unemployment until they finally settle on some job in retail, or a coffee shop, or a bar, and then proceed to convince themselves that they really didn’t want to make money anyway, because “fuck the system, I’d rather wear my skinny jeans and talk about my fixie all day.”

After I decided I really did want a career I decided to go Graduate school to obtain another completely useless Masters degree in Philosophy and Religion.  I studied with a bunch of hippies that liked to hug too much and blame the stars when they forgot to hand in a paper (my actual degree was in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness).  It was fun and educational, if not one of the most horribly frustrating academic experiences of my life. 

I learned a crap-ton, mostly about Eastern Philosophy and Relgion, because let’s face it, hippies don’t give a crap about Western spirituality.  I was also lucky enough to get to study with a really awesome physicist-turned-new age guru, and discovered a new obsession with quantum physics, religion and the duality of existence.  As you’ll discover next week when I talk tattoos, all of my ink reflects this new-found love of duality. 

While I do have a career of sorts, it was a completely unintended one.  The moral of the story being, degrees are helpful, but mostly don’t matter because if you have a Masters degree or PhD, prospective employers automatically take you more seriously.  However, if you actually get a degree in a field where employment exists (and it is a type of employment you actually want), you’ll probably make more money than me, but you won’t be happier, because I win at life.

The end (can you tell I’m still grumpy?).

Please submit more questions! 

If you wish to submit a question to the Dungeon Master, please e-mail them to, or you can Tweet me a question @AskthedDM. And make sure to review the disclaimer.

You can also see me in action in One Die Short.

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4 Responses to Some Crap You Don’t Care About.

  1. If I ever learn enough about physics to feel confident discussing it with someone else, I will definitely let you know. I probably know more Spanish than I do physics right now, and I have the Spanish vocabulary of a 4-year-old.

    Also, I was wrong: it’s Sarah Haskins, not Hastings. You should watch her “Target Women” videos; I think you’d dig them:

  2. DUDE. Loki was all over the place yesterday. I wrote this on my Facebook page yesterday afternoon:

    Spent 20 minutes looking for my keys. Looked everywhere, even the trash. Resigned myself to using spare keys; had to call David to see where he’d put them. Was late to work. The kicker: when I picked up my purse, the keys were under it. Not funny, Loki. NOT FUNNY.

    I’m glad you shared your grad school experiences, though. I was THISCLOSE to applying to divinity school, and got talked out of it by my family (who thought it would bring shame on them, for some reason; perhaps I should’ve studied psychology instead). Then again, my impetus for div school was my boyfriend-at-the-time, a born-again Christian who thought it was a good idea for me. So I guess it all works out in the end.

    I want to hear more about quantum physics. My YA novel has a few references to Schrodinger’s cat. I think kids should be introduced to science with the same breathless enthusiasm with which most people talk about “American Idol.” As Sarah Hastings said in her incredibly awesome show “Target Women,” “We know more about weddings than we do about string theory.”

    Finally, WordPress ate one of my posts once, too. Now I just save it often and keep it Private until it’s ready to go. Hope that helps.

    This comment is too long. Sorry.

    • Ask the DM says:

      I like long comments, they make me feel loved. Also, I’m glad Loki wasn’t just harrassing me, that makes me feel a little better. The kicker though, is that I had the post saved and completed, and I opened it up on my computer at home to make a change, saved it, and it disappeared. Boom. You suck Loki.

      And I’d be more than happy to talk physics anytime, if you ever want to run something by me or have a question, feel free to toss is my way. I’m no expert by a long-shot, but I know a decent amount. Of course, most physicists would cringe at my philosophy tainted physics education, but most physicists have no imagination, which is why no serious progress has been made in physics in fifty years.

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