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Darth Jesus

Still haven’t received any new questions, so as promised here’s the first painting I finished for the upcoming art show in May.  I decided to do a Geek Religious Iconography series: The color is kind of funky because I used … Continue reading

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All By Myself

Well, I ran out of questions again.  I could rant about something, but I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, so it’s too much effort to think.  I have an art show to prepare for (I might post … Continue reading

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Dear Comic-Con: You Suck (but not as much as Hipsters)

Today I examine Geek Gatherings (also, I have no more questions.  So give me some please): Dear Mr. Dungeon Master, What’s your opinion on ComicCon, DragonCon, and other Cons of that nature? Awesome? Silly? Useless? Your friend, Sarah. Geeks … Continue reading

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Anarchy in the D&D

Well, I have officially run out of questions, but instead of just skipping out on a blog this week I decided to shove my unrequested opinions in your face instead.  I’ve been thinking lately about the social/governing structure of Roleplaying … Continue reading

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It’s in the Details

This week we get into some of smaller details of DMing (and I need more questions!): The PCs enter a castle, and don’t find much other than animals & a couple of monsters that have moved in. You mention bookshelves … Continue reading

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