Darth Jesus

Still haven’t received any new questions, so as promised here’s the first painting I finished for the upcoming art show in May.  I decided to do a Geek Religious Iconography series:

The color is kind of funky because I used a crummy camera and it was dark in the bat cave.  This is also the first painting I’ve succeeded in finishing in 5 years.  I had been creating art steadily for some time but then grad school and life took over.  Now the art shall return.

And submit some questions!   More paintings to come as well.

Darth Jesus painting copyright Matt Forcella 2012

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10 Responses to Darth Jesus

  1. emily. says:

    You should totally turn this into a tshirt. True story.

  2. alirthome says:

    hahaha great concept all the way around. dont be afraid to price your stuff and bit higher than you’re comfortable with. Its the martha stuart effect, Price it high and people will think that’s what its worth (that painting is totally worth it)

  3. Grace says:

    That painting is f**king fantastic. Like, wow. I approve, and I’d love to see more like it!

  4. Holy shnikees! You made that?!? And there will be more that are just as awesome? Name your price (though I probably can’t afford it).

    Seriously, you could probably sell that for a pretty good amount. Us nerds love their nerd-tastic artwork.

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