Printable Monsters = more money for beer

I’ve got no question for this week, but I wanted to do a quick shout-out to an awesome D&D resource.  i heart print and play has a great growing collection of free printable monster tokens.

I know a lot of people have questions about maps, tokens, miniatures and how best to handle battle, and for me, if you’re using miniatures, you’re wasting tons of money.  And personally, I don’t like giving Wizards of the Coast my money.

Printable tokens are an awesome and nearly free alternative that provide just about as much as an actual miniature does.  So go peruse i heart print and play and show them some love.  I’m sure you’ll find something useful there.

Roll on friends.  Roll on.

As always, we need more questions! 

If you wish to submit a question to the Dungeon Master, please e-mail them, or you can Tweet me a question @AskthedDM. And make sure to review the disclaimer.

You can also see me in action in the webcomic, One Die Short.

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