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Variety is the Spice of Roleplaying

This week I offer some advice on adding variety to your campaigns: Hello, I am trying to make this setting, where my players will participate in some games, and right now I have NO clue what to make of them. … Continue reading

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Beating the Dead Horse: 4th Edition Sucks

Today we take another look at the depths of my dissatisfaction with 4th Edition D&D: Hey Mr. DM, I know, from your previous posts, that you despise 4E.  I never really liked 4E, but I have come to truly hate … Continue reading

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Halo 4 and Sexist, Racist, Homophobes

So, Apparently I’ve gone and thrown my whole “write-in” blog concept out the window at the moment.  (Though I promise I have questions to answer for next week).  Today I wanted to talk about Halo 4 and an interesting article … Continue reading

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Rock the Vote, Don’t Rock the Vote, Baby

In the absence of questions, I’ve decided to start a little something new on Ask the Dungeon Master.  Instead of waiting for you to ask me questions, I’m going to select popular, Googled questions and provide you with my unsolicited … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Dave P. is a Liar*:
I’m sure by now everyone has read Dave P’s “review” of Ask the Dungeon Master on his blog, Boy Android (and by “everyone”, I mean the three people that read the self-important, trite nonsense…

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