One Die Short: A Web Series about Roleplaying

Well, this is a bit late coming, but I thought an update was warranted:  This blog has obviously fallen to the wayside, and one of the reasons for that was the success of our recent Kickstarter!

If you weren’t following along with it, we successfully funded a web series called One Die Short.  It’s about a group of friends that play a tabletop RPG.  It follows them through their lives as well as the lives of their in-game characters.  It’s about life, love and being a geek.  You can learn more here.


ODS is in production now, and as such, I have little time for anything else (film takes up ridiculously huge amounts of time.  Like, seriously.  You have no idea.  Unless you’ve done it).  ODS is scheduled to be released in January of 2014. Until then, I can’t do much else, though if you have any questions about the show, production, making a web series, Kickstarter, or anything of the sort, please toss them my way and I will do my best to find the time.

Thanks for all of your support over the years, and The Dungeon Master will return!


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