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F#@& Your Self-Help Advice: On Motivation and Success

Today we take a look at something that the vast majority of humanity struggles with: getting motivated! Our reader writes: Hey DM, I’ve been having some issues lately.  I am creatively dead at the moment.  I’m trying to get two … Continue reading

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Updates and Such

Hello friendly (and also unfriendly) readers! I know it’s been a long time since any new posts have graced the pages of my majestic blog and so I decided it was about time to let you all know what the … Continue reading

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Anarchy in the D&D

Well, I have officially run out of questions, but instead of just skipping out on a blog this week I decided to shove my unrequested opinions in your face instead.  I’ve been thinking lately about the social/governing structure of Roleplaying … Continue reading

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Tattooing in the Name of Geekdom

Once again I take a stab at talking tattoos.  I know this post won’t be the same as the original post I wrote that got deleted, but I never plan any of my writing, as I need to make sure that I surprise … Continue reading

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Some Crap You Don’t Care About.

So. I had a totally awesome post about tattoos and Geeks and I was very happy with it until WordPress decided to smite me in the name of all that is Unholy, and the post mysteriously disappeared. It is gone, … Continue reading

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42 and the Meaning of Life

Today, we have a chance to really delve into the depths of my omniscience thanks to one of the raddest people on the interweb: Dear Mr. Dungeon Master, What’s the meaning of life? Is it really 42? Your friend, Sarah. http://ThatsAGirlsCar.comContinue reading

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Chicken or Egg? You decide!

In this week’s Friday bonus blog, as promised, I answer a question that has plagued humanity for thousands of years.  Our inquisitive reader asks: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  I ask because I have heard compelling and … Continue reading

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