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Hey Imgur

You guys need to work on your trust.  Love and Dice. (PS: I realize this makes no sense to my subscribers)

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The Legend of Conan: Arnold is back!

This isn’t a real post, but it is the most exciting news I have received in the past decade.  Anyone who’s followed this blog for a while knows I wrote a piece back in the day about King Conan: Crown … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Dave P. is a Liar*:
I’m sure by now everyone has read Dave P’s “review” of Ask the Dungeon Master on his blog, Boy Android (and by “everyone”, I mean the three people that read the self-important, trite nonsense…

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The Linguistics of Cheese Sandwiches and the Christianization of Sunday

This week on Ask the Dungeon Master we talk about cheese sandwiches and Christians: I have an off-topic question.  Two actually.  They came to me during a game of Pathfinder and distraced me through the whole session… 1. Why is it … Continue reading

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You People Are F%#@ing Crazy!

Once again, I have no questions to answer, so this week I decided to do something fun in honor of Ask the Dungeon Master‘s almost-one-year anniversary (I started last May).  If you were not aware of this, WordPress has this … Continue reading

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Some Crap You Don’t Care About.

So. I had a totally awesome post about tattoos and Geeks and I was very happy with it until WordPress decided to smite me in the name of all that is Unholy, and the post mysteriously disappeared. It is gone, … Continue reading

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42 and the Meaning of Life

Today, we have a chance to really delve into the depths of my omniscience thanks to one of the raddest people on the interweb: Dear Mr. Dungeon Master, What’s the meaning of life? Is it really 42? Your friend, Sarah. http://ThatsAGirlsCar.comContinue reading

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