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Fun Times With Wild Mages

Today we discuss 2nd edition and why it’s way better than 4th edition: Dear DM, Why do a lot of people seem to dislike the Wild Mage in Tome of Magic from AD&D 2nd edition? I am thinking about trying … Continue reading

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Gettin’ Aggro with Magic

This week we take a look at everyone’s favorite collectible card game: What are the best AGGRO color combinations in Magic the Gathering? Unfortunately, there is a fairly simple answer to this question.  I say unfortunately because back in the … Continue reading

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The Linguistics of Cheese Sandwiches and the Christianization of Sunday

This week on Ask the Dungeon Master we talk about cheese sandwiches and Christians: I have an off-topic question.  Two actually.  They came to me during a game of Pathfinder and distraced me through the whole session… 1. Why is it … Continue reading

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