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Grand Wizard Tarkin and Racism in Star Wars

Today on Ask the DM we delve once again into the world of Star Wars: What the hell is a “moff”? Could I become one if I worked real hard at it? Simply put, a Moff is a title bestowed … Continue reading

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Homebrewing & Why I Hate IPAs

Well, this week we take a look at something else very dear to my heart: beer.  Our lovely reader asks: What do you homebrew? How do you decide what to brew? If you didn’t know this already, yes, I do … Continue reading

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XP, Leveling and Homebrew Systems

Today we’re going to take a closer look at developing your own gaming system and how to handle the challenges of XP awards and leveling: Dear DM, I’ve been developing my own system for awhile now, and I’ve hit a … Continue reading

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